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Your advantages with Evodrop systems

Free of foreign and harmful substances

With Evodrop systems, you can enjoy carefree water free of all measurable contaminants straight from your tap.

  • Elimination of all measurable foreign substances
  • Automatic flushing processes for maximum system protection
  • Tested and certified by independent laboratories

Wholesome and soft

The patented refinement technology simulates kilometers of mountain springs and the water always tastes deliciously soft and fine.

  • More oxygen
  • Fine and smooth taste
  • Pleasant drinking pleasure

Swissness and science

Developed in Switzerland by a team of engineers and optimized and patented for Swiss water. Tested and approved by numerous institutes.

  • Patented technologies
  • Swiss quality products
  • Independently tested and certified

Optimized hydration

The solubility of water is the most important factor in our body. Water transports substances, enables cell metabolism and detoxification. With the right treatment, this has many benefits.

  • Rapid hydration
  • Direct cell penetration
  • Efficient thirst quencher

Increased conductivity

Cognitive functions are conducted through water and the conductivity thus affects the impulses of the nervous system. High conductivity is essential to support these functions.

  • Optimized conductivity
  • Support for cognitive functions

EVOfilter plus

CHF 3'200.-

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The optimum water treatment for consistently clean and vitalized drinking water of the highest quality from your own tap.

  • Guaranteed best filtration on the market
  • Swiss Engineering
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


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  • Cost of the maintenance kit: CHF 499
  • Maintenance by service technician: plus CHF 200
  • Warranty extension by 5 years: plus CHF 300
  • Installation costs: CHF 500 (flat rate)

Technical data

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Filtered substances

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  • Drug residues
  • Hormonal residues
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • PFAS
  • Microplastics
  • Glyphosates
  • Chlorothalonil
  • Trifluoroacetate (TFA)
  • Nitrate and nitrite
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Fungicides
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Sulfates
  • Fluoride
  • ... and many more!


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  • More oxygen in the water
  • Digestible soft taste
  • Optimized control and solution capability
Image Evofilter installation
Number 1


Ultra-nanofiltration for ultra-pure water.

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Number 2


Vitalized and soft water.

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Number 3

Water tap (not included)

Find your perfect tap.

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EVOfilter premium

CHF 4200.-

CHF 4600.-

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The EVOfilter plus package with the additional hydrogen generator (EVObooster)

Independent studies by Evodrop and over 1,200 studies by independent institutes worldwide point to the positive effects of hydrogen. More about the EVObooster To the studies
Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen

Good water for the smaller budget - EVOdrink

  • No separate tap required. Connected to the cold water
  • Long shelf life - 1 year
  • Space-saving
  • Effective filtering of drug residues, microplastics, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses
  • No filtration of fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, TFA, phosphates, chlorotalonil or salts


from CHF 790.-

The EVOdrink is guaranteed to offer the most efficient filtration on the market at a low price.

Picture EvoDrink in packaging

Good for the planet and only the best for you

Find out about the sustainability benefits of our systems here. Massive savings in money, CO2, PET and raw materials.

Icon Money back

Cost savings using the example of a family of four

to the calculations
Icon PET bottles

PET savings in comparison

to the calculations
Icon CO2

CO2 comparison between PET and Evodrop

to the calculations
Picture water bottles

Order a free water sample

Test the Evodrop quality and form your own opinion.

You will receive a water sample filtered by EvoFilter Plus filtered water sample, 3 x 0.5l pet bottles.


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    Interview Yanick Brecher


    Image Logo SC Bern

    Interview Tristan Scherwey

    SC Bern

    Recommended by professionals



    Professional sport

    Annemarie Wildeisen

    Gault-Millau chef

    "I recommend the Evodrop systems for every kitchen for a better taste in food. In extensive tests and through our own experience, we can confirm the quality of Evodrop."

    To the article (PDF)

    Stefan Wiesner

    Gault-Millau chef

    "We use Evodrop's gastro systems in our business and can highly recommend the water quality for any catering business. An excellent kitchen also needs excellent water."

    Denis Wild

    Owner, Wild Bowls

    "We enjoy using Evodrop's holistic concept and highly innovative drinking water systems every day. The customers, the team and even the animals are delighted."

    Dr. Heidelinde Klein

    Founder and medical specialist of the Biomedical Competence Center in Rorschach

    "In terms of health, the treated water has a positive effect on the body in all respects. We recommend Evodrop systems to patients with high levels of toxins, as the purified water boosts detoxification in the body."

    Christina van der Schaar

    Certified naturopath and Managing Director of the NHK Campus

    "Water exactly as it should be. Soft, structured, with high conductivity and free of pollutants. We train naturopaths and the topic of water is extremely relevant. We are grateful and happy to have Evodrop's drinking water systems installed at our NHK campus."

    FC Zurich

    Professional club 1st division Swiss football

    "The water treatment systems promote our players' performance and regeneration. The athletes drink more water and it also tastes fine and soft. We are very happy to have Evodrop at our side as a hydration partner!"

    SC Rapperswil Jona Lakers

    Professional club 1st league Swiss ice hockey

    "We have hit the bull's eye with the Evodrop systems. Thanks to the perfectly treated water, our athletes feel more thirsty and drink more as a result. Detoxification is noticeably increased and the athletes are happy to drink more water."

    FC St. Gallen

    Professional club 1st division Swiss football

    "It's incredible what an impact the right water has on the athleticism of our athletes. Evodrop has been using their system with us since 2021 and we've been delighted with the quality since day one! The team only drinks Evodrop water, even at breakfast."

    SC Bern

    Professional club 1st league Swiss ice hockey

    "We have recently started to benefit from Evodrop AG's water treatment in our training center and stadium. It's amazing how quickly you notice the difference in quality compared to normal water. We are thrilled!"

    OYM AG

    Performance center for top athletes

    "At the OYM, we offer Evodrop water to all top athletes. The athletes and staff are impressed by the quality and notice a clear difference in the water quality!"

    Test results and studies

    Why do professional clubs and top athletes drink our water? Why do thousands of satisfied customers already rely on our systems in their kitchens?

    With accredited research methods and renowned institutions, we can back up our facts and qualities with test results and studies.

    Safety warranty test

    - Eurotest

    To the test result

    Filtration of PFAS

    - Eurotest & SRCMB

    to the study

    Filtration down to 0.55 nanometers

    - Eurotest & SRCMB

    to the study

    Filtration analysis

    - Interlabor Belp

    On request

    Coherent water structure 1

    - SRCMB

    to the study

    Coherent water structure 2

    - SRCMB

    to the study

    Coherent water structure 3

    - SRCMB

    to the study


    - Lifevision Lab

    to the study

    Euclidean distance (Kirlian method)

    - University of Technology

    to the study

    Energy potential of water

    - HIKARI

    to the study

    Bioenergetic water tests

    - IBBU

    to the study

    Cognitive skills with H2

    - Clinical Nutricion (ESPEN)

    to the study

    Effect of H2 on tumors

    - SRCMB

    to the study

    Measurement of the H2 content

    to the study

    Influence on the basal cell metabolism

    - Dartsch Institute (DE)

    to the study

    Over 30,000 customers trust Evodrop and are convinced of our quality.

    One of many reasons why we guarantee your satisfaction:

    Icon Money back

    30-day money-back guarantee

    Icon guarantee

    5-year manufacturer's warranty

    Highest quality of life with our carefree packages

    EVOfilter plus

    Icon Plus

    EVOfilter plus

    EVOfilte + EVOcharge

    CHF 3'200.-

    Icon minus
    • Ultra-nano-filtration of all measurable substances
    • Finishing system with rotation process

    EVOfilter premium

    Icon Plus

    EVOfilter premium

    EVOfilte + EVOcharge + EVObooster

    CHF 4'200.-

    Icon minus
    • Ultra-nano-filtration of all measurable substances
    • Finishing system with rotation process
    • Refinement with molecular hydrogen

    Icon minus
    Image devices

    EVOhome professional

    Icon Plus

    EVOhome professional

    Combination of domestic water + drinking water

    CHF 5'900.- (instead of CHF 6'700)

    Icon minus
    • EVOhome
    • EVOfilter plus

    EVOhome master

    Icon Plus

    EVOhome master

    Combination of domestic water + drinking water

    CHF 6'900.- (instead of CHF 8'100)

    Icon minus
    • EVOhome
    • EVOfilter premium
    Image devices

    Non-binding advice from our water specialists

    Book a consultation now and find your perfect solution

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