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Protect your pipes and water-bearing appliances with the Swiss water treatment systems from Evodrop. You save money and time on laborious renovations.

Your advantages

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Evodrop in comparison

See why Evodrop clearly outperforms other systems and offers you the best water quality.

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Sustainability and efficiency in harmony

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Health-friendly process

The specially developed and patented malic acid complex, which is an organic component of many fruits, solves the annoying limescale problem.

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Compliant and safe operating principle

All food-compliant test criteria are met, as the malic acid is obtained from food-safe raw materials and has been classified as non-hazardous by the FDA.

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No environmentally harmful rinsing

In salt systems, environmentally harmful chloride solutions are released into the waste water by means of regeneration. With Evodrop, no waste water is required for a clean operating principle and this protects surface water.

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No power consumption

The functional principle of Evodrop is based on purely physical and biochemical processes. Neither electricity nor waste water is required.

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Massive CO2 savings

Thanks to the limescale protection value of up to 94%, limescale can no longer prevent heat transfer, thus saving up to 90% of CO2 emissions from heat production.

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Less refurbishment work

As the water-bearing appliances are less damaged, there is also less need for refurbishment or replacement. This saves immense amounts of raw materials in new purchases.

Renowned companies trust Evodrop

Our EVOhome packages

Best water quality for your entire property. Proven limescale protection without salt, electricity and waste water.

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  • Tick100% rust protection
  • Tick>99% filtration of bacteria, viruses and heavy metals
  • Tick50% increased cell availability
  • TickMore oxygen in the water
  • TickFresh mountain spring taste

All EVOhome packages consist of two components:


Modular tank for limescale protection with filtration customized to your needs, replaceable annually.


EVOtransform for stabilizing the lime-carbonic acid ratio and refined water.


Freely scalable to any object size

Cost overview

1-3 units Down arrow

Costs 3'500 CHF

Maintenance costs from 399 CHF

4-7 units Down arrow

Costs from 5'800 CHF

Maintenance costs from CHF 798

8-11 units Down arrow

Costs from 8'100 CHF

Maintenance costs from 1'197 CHF

12-15 units Down arrow

Costs from 11'600 CHF

Maintenance costs from 1'596 CHF

16-19 units Down arrow

Cost from 13'900 CHF

Maintenance costs from 1'995 CHF

from 20 units Down arrow

costs on request

Maintenance costs on request

The prices quoted do not include installation costs. The exact product, maintenance and installation costs as well as maintenance intervals will be calculated for you without obligation based on the size of your property and the degree of hardness.

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Tested and certified

The CTI test institute has been able to prove that Evodrop provides 94.2% limescale protection:

Picture limescale protection without Evodrop

Without Evodrop

Image Limescale protection with Evodrop

With Evodrop

CTI has tested our system:
CTI is one of the world's largest testing, inspection and certification organizations with over 13,000 employees, 160 laboratories in over 90 global locations.

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Quote from the DVGW accredited laboratory:

In summary, it can be stated that the tests carried out in accordance with DVGW Code of Practice W 512 led to a significant reduction in limescale deposits in the test boilers. A calculated effectiveness factor of fW: 1.00 represents the highest possible value.

The test result can be shared on request

Extensively tested by the SGS Institute

Our company has decided to have its products tested at the SGS Institute, as SGS is the largest and most renowned testing company in the world. SGS offers state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified experts, such as in our tests for pollutant class and microbiology. The detailed and precise test results shown in reports such as the antimicrobial activity test according to ISO 22196:2011 and ASTM E2149-13 prove the high quality and safety of our products. The international recognition of SGS ensures that our water filters meet the highest global standards.

The test reports can be shared on request

Detailed system test for drinking water safety:

The EVOhome water report, carried out by the renowned Eurotest Control laboratory in Sofia, confirms that the treated water meets all legal standards for drinking water quality. The test included both physico-chemical and microbiological tests.

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International patents

Our patents confirm our uniqueness and protect our approach.

Accredited methods

Our product quality is underpinned by state-of-the-art research methods.

Renowned institutions

Our effects have been proven and documented by various institutions.

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The Sialab laboratory has been certified in accordance with MOCA guidelines that no harmful or environmentally harmful substances are transferred into the water.

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The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has confirmed that all components used are classified as generally safe.

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Our Swiss producers are ISO 9001 certified, underlining our unwavering commitment to quality.

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All connections are standardized and tested in accordance with DVGW specifications and ensure that the quality and safety correspond to the current state of the art.