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Hydrogen - a fascinating element

The EVObooster enriches the water with molecular hydrogen. After drinking, the colorless and odorless hydrogen gas is distributed throughout the body. As hydrogen is the smallest element in the periodic table, it can penetrate every cell and act at a cellular level. Due to its ability to bind with free radicals, hydrogen is a hot topic in medicine and science.

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Hydrogen in the body

Hydrogen (H2) is distributed in the body after drinking in the mitochondria of the cells in which energy is produced. There it can bind with harmful radicals. The binding of hydrogen with the so-called hydroxyl radicals produces water again, which is simply excreted from the body.

Independent studies by Evodrop and over 1,200 studies by independent institutes worldwide point to the positive effects of hydrogen.

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How it works - with patented technology

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Inlet of the water

Pure water enters the EVObooster and 1% of the incoming water is processed electrophysically, with 99% flowing "untreated" through the EVObooster.



The proton exchange membrane separates the oxygen atom from the hydrogen atoms by means of electrolysis. The oxygen is not released into the flowing water.


Water with pure H2

The resulting molecular hydrogen is released into the flowing water, creating ideal drinking water with a high proportion of molecular hydrogen.

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The EVOfilter plus package with additional EVObooster (hydrogen generator).

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Studies on the subject of hydrogen

Renowned laboratories around the world have demonstrated the amazing benefits of hydrogen. Here you will find the best-known dossiers on this topic:

Studies on H2 at a glance

Various institutes

Is H2 a selective antioxidant?

Nature Medicine Magazine

Pilot study on the effect of drinking H2 on muscle fatigue

Medical Gas Research Institute

Influence of H2 on cognitive abilities

nature.com (Scientific Reports)

Hydrogen - The medical gas

AKOM - Applied complementary medicine

Evodrop study

Cognitive skills with H2

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Evodrop study

Effect of H2 on tumors

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Evodrop test result

Measurement of the H2 content

to the test result

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the EVObooster and ionizers?

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In general, the concentration of minerals in acidic or alkaline water is the same as in the original water. Many claim that the "beneficial minerals" are increased in alkaline water and that all the "bad minerals and toxins (e.g. fluoride, THMs, lead etc.)" are eliminated in acidic water. This is of course not true! No minerals are added, the ions are merely sorted according to their charge (+ / -). This imbalance of positive and negative minerals is more harmful than beneficial for the human organism. Last but not least, toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, microplastics etc. are only partially filtered out, depending on whether the charge is positive or negative.

It was not until 2007-2010 that scientists and researchers discovered that the therapeutic property in alkaline ionized water is the molecular hydrogen and not the alkaline minerals.

Some ionizers do not contain sufficient amounts of dissolved hydrogen gas or at least their concentration is below the detection limit of 0.01 ppm.

Other water ionizers can produce sufficient amounts of hydrogen, but due to their production of alkaline water, the electrodes tend to scale rapidly, which prevents the hydrogen gas from dissolving in the water. Therefore, without cleaning the systems with citric acid or vinegar, the concentration of hydrogen can also fall below 0.01 ppm within a few days to weeks, depending on the source water and use.

Undissolved hydrogen gas can also be detected in some cases with conventional water ionizers, where the water looks "milky" or "foggy" due to all the large hydrogen bubbles. So just because a water looks milky, or you can see a lot of bubbles in the water, does not mean that the water has a high concentration of molecular hydrogen. In fact, the concentration may even be below detection.

Chemically speaking, H+ is responsible for the acidic pH value in the water. H+ immediately turns into H2 in our EVObooster and thus balances out to a neutral pH value.

In summary, the American FDA warns against drinking ionized hydrogen water. Also, the concentration of over 1600PPmol is not even possible, as propagated by Elyson, for example.

This is because the natural saturation limit here is 1200PPmol. Otherwise you would have to work with pressure.

Why is hydrogen water from ionizers dangerous?

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A water molecule (H2O) consists of oxygen and hydrogen. In the liquid, these particles are present in a dissociated (separated, from the Latin dissociare = to separate) form, as H+ and OH- ions.

The water molecule dissociates (from Latin dissociare = to separate) into a hydrogen ion (H+) and a hydroxide ion (OH-)
H2O = H+ + OH-

These ions have certain properties: The hydrogen ions (H+, ions with a positive charge) act as a strong acid, the hydroxide ions (OH-, ions with a negative charge) as a strong base. In pure water, these ions are present in the same concentration at 25 °C, i.e. in a ratio of 1:1. The pH value is 7, so the water is neutral.

If this ratio changes, the pH value also changes:

more hydrogen ions and fewer hydroxide ions
=> solution becomes more acidic
=> pH value decreases
fewer hydrogen ions and more hydroxide ions
=> solution becomes more alkaline/alkaline
=> pH value increases
According to the definition of the pH value, the hydroxide (OH -) is higher in alkaline water, but it is not a biological antioxidant. The therapeutic agent in ionized water is clearly dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (H2).

Those unfamiliar with chemistry often use hydroxyl and hydroxide interchangeably - even though they are completely different species. The hydroxide ion is not radical reactive at all, as it contains stable paired electrons.

The FDA recommends only 500-1000ml as a daily intake! Excessive drinking can cause ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders, skin rashes and dizziness!

Where is the EVObooster installed?

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The EVObooster is connected after the EVOfilter or a similar high-performance filter. The treated water is then dispensed from a separate or reusable tap.

Can I install the EVObooster myself?

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The EVObooster is easy to install and can be installed by yourself. However, we recommend having the installation of the combination package, including EVOfilter and EVOcharge, carried out by a specialist.

Does the EVObooster require maintenance and how much does it cost?

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Maintenance is not absolutely necessary, but after approx. 20,000 liters (approx. 10 years) the efficiency of the hydrogen enrichment starts to decrease. From then on, the appliance can be replaced with a new one for maximum performance. You will receive a CHF 400 discount on the price of a new appliance.

Why is drinking hydrogen water recommended?

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Drinking hydrogen water is highly recommended because it has been tested in over 1,200 studies worldwide and has been shown to have various positive effects on the body. Due to the Health Directorate, we are not allowed to make any direct healing claims. Just let yourself be inspired by the studies in the section "Studies on hydrogen".

What happens to the excess molecules?

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This is where the EVObooster also differs from conventional hydrogen generators/ionizers. Although these separate water and oxygen, the oxidative or oxygen component is not discharged, but paradoxically left in the same water. This results in compounds such as brown gas, oxyhydrogen gas and ozone, which are harmful to cells instead of promoting them. The EVObooster, on the other hand, removes excess molecules that are harmful to cells so that you can enjoy the purest hydrogen water.

How much hydrogen water should I drink per day?

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In general, we should drink between 1 and 3 liters of water. It is recommended to drink only hydrogen-treated water, but even one glass a day would be very beneficial for regulating our oxidation levels.

Can babies, pregnant women and old people drink water containing hydrogen?

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Yes, the hydrogen-treated water simply helps us maintain the right level of oxidation for good health, without any side effects.

Can pets drink hydrogen water?

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Naturally. The water is also beneficial for the animals. Try it out for yourself.

Why do you need to take antioxidants?

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Every time we breathe in, 2 % of the oxygen entering our body is converted into bad oxygen, the so-called "free radicals". This bad oxygen can be converted into good oxygen by an electrical charge of antioxidants. If we do not supply it with this charge through antioxidants, it absorbs it from our cells, causing them to become diseased or die, a process known to us as "oxidation". In addition, the lifestyle in industrialized countries increases the level of oxidation due to poor diet, pollution, stress, etc... As we age, we also need to take more antioxidants because our body produces fewer antioxidant enzymes.

When does hydrogen work?

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From the very first moment you can feel more energy, hydration, general well-being, better digestion, a better feeling of recovery. But as far as important improvements are concerned, we only experience them after a few weeks or even months if we manage to reduce oxidative stress, the cause of most illnesses and premature ageing.

Can I use any water for the EVObooster?

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No. There is bottled water with an excess of minerals. It is recommended to use water with less than 100 mg/l of dry matter content, which corresponds to less than 100 ppm or less than 150 µS/cm. We therefore strongly recommend using our EVOfilter or a similar high-performance filter.

Since hydrogen is very small and easily gets everywhere in the body, it is also an optimal transport medium for pollutants. We therefore strongly recommend that you first filter all harmful substances out of the water and use the purest water possible.

Basically, care must be taken with the so-called Lourd water ionizers. A small amount of hydrogen can only be detected in the container. As soon as it has been in the glass for a few minutes, the hydrogen decreases immediately. With Evodrop, on the other hand, you can leave the glass for 48 hours. This is a comparison to show you how much more effective the hydrogen from the EVObooster is.

Does the EVObooster filter?

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No, which is why we should use "water suitable for human consumption with a low mineral content" to protect the appliance and our health.

Can hydrogen-water from the EVObooster explode?

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No. The vaporizing hydrogen from the EVObooster water is always mixed with air and is not flammable in this concentration!

Can hydrogenated water replace antioxidant foods?

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No. Even if we drink hydrogen-treated water, the antioxidant vitamins and minerals in food are necessary, as they have other vital functions in addition to the antioxidant ones mentioned above.

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