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Despite the impressive performance of our waterworks, an increasing number of chemicals, microplastics and drug residues have been detected in drinking water in Switzerland. In addition, limescale deposits are a burden on your household appliances and significantly increase cleaning costs.

Our innovative systems are tailor-made and provide limescale-free water for your entire home. Enjoy the best and safest drinking water on the market - for you and your loved ones.

We set new standards in water quality and ensure that your water is as pure as nature itself.

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Through years of research and development with leading engineers in the field of water treatment, we have gained valuable and pioneering experience. This enables us to develop an individual and personalized water concept for each customer.

Prof. Dr. Alexander J.B. Zehnder
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Former President of the ETH Board

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FC Zurich

Professional club 1st division Swiss football

"The water treatment systems promote our players' performance and regeneration. The athletes drink more water and it also tastes fine and soft. We are very happy to have Evodrop at our side as a hydration partner!"

SC Rapperswil Jona Lakers

Professional club 1st league Swiss ice hockey

"We have hit the bull's eye with the Evodrop systems. Thanks to the perfectly treated water, our athletes feel more thirsty and drink more as a result. Detoxification is noticeably increased and the athletes are happy to drink more water."

FC St. Gallen

Professional club 1st division Swiss football

"It's incredible what an impact the right water has on the athleticism of our athletes. Evodrop has been using their system with us since 2021 and we've been delighted with the quality since day one! The team only drinks Evodrop water, even at breakfast."

SC Bern

Professional club 1st league Swiss ice hockey

"We have recently started to benefit from Evodrop AG's water treatment in our training center and stadium. It's amazing how quickly you notice the difference in quality compared to normal water. We are thrilled!"


Performance center for top athletes

"At the OYM, an EVOfilter with hydrogen was installed in the canteen for the athletes and employees as a substitute for the conventional bubble system."

Sanitherm Haustechnik AG

Ricardo Vieria, Member of the Executive Board & Head of Plumbing

"We have been working with Evodrop softening systems for years and can say with conviction that this renowned system is a breakthrough in softening technology."

Ramseyer + Dilger AG

Sandro Wyss, Managing Director

"The softening systems from Evodrop are a wonderful addition to our company. Innovative products with an innovative company concept, which also deliver what they promise."

Novatec Haustechnik GmbH

Renato, owner and managing director

"With the unique descaling solution from Evodrop, we rely on sustainable and effective treatment for limescale protection for our renowned customers. The system is freely scalable and we can recommend it for any size of property."

Annemarie Wildeisen

Gault-Millau chef

"I recommend the Evodrop systems for every kitchen for a better taste in food. In extensive tests and through our own experience, we can confirm the quality of Evodrop."

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Stefan Wiesner

Gault-Millau chef

"We use Evodrop's gastro systems in our business and can highly recommend the water quality for any catering business. An excellent kitchen also needs excellent water."

Denis Wild

Owner, Wild Bowls

"We enjoy using Evodrop's holistic concept and highly innovative drinking water systems every day. The customers, the team and even the animals are delighted."

IT3 Treuhand + Immobilien AG

Real estate sales, rental and management

"Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the real estate sector. Heating systems, building raw materials and much more are strongly developing in terms of sustainability. With Evodrop, we have the right partner for sustainable limescale protection solutions that actually work."

MCI Group

Real estate development and management

"Simply an innovative product for companies that want to be pioneers in the field of sustainable water treatment. Evodrop's softening systems effectively protect the water-bearing systems in our construction projects against limescale."

Jade Property

Real estate development and management

"We have been working with Evodrop AG for several years. It is amazing to experience the growth and innovative strength of this company live. We mainly use the softening systems in our properties and can only warmly recommend them."

Dr. Heidelinde Klein

Founder and medical specialist of the Biomedical Competence Center in Rorschach

"In terms of health, the treated water has a positive effect on the body in all respects. We recommend Evodrop systems to patients with high levels of toxins, as the purified water boosts detoxification in the body."

Christina van der Schaar

Certified naturopath and Managing Director of the NHK Campus

"Water exactly as it should be. Soft, structured, with high conductivity and free of pollutants. We train naturopaths and the topic of water is extremely relevant. We are grateful and happy to have Evodrop's drinking water systems installed at our NHK campus."

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Frequently asked questions

How does Evodrop descaling work?

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Evodrop uses its own patented malic acid in the form of granules in the filter cartridge for descaling. Thanks to innovative ion sieve technology, Evodrop achieves a limescale protection rate of up to 94.2% without the use of salt, waste water or electricity. Unlike seed crystals, swirlers or magnetizers, the limescale is not converted but filtered out of the water. This means that the annoying limescale can be collected and processed in the filter cartridge. The minerals calcium and magnesium bind to the malic acid and do not separate even when the water is boiled at 200 degrees. This means that no more deposits can form. 3 grams of malic acid are released per 1000 liters of water. Malic acid is an organic component of many fruits, but is mainly found in apples. In this respect, it is completely neutral and tasteless. The filtration material in the EVOdescale filters heavy metals to protect against corrosion and eliminates bacteria and viruses from the water. It is important to understand that limescale is no longer in the water and limescale deposits can no longer occur. A DVGW-accredited laboratory and the internationally renowned testing institute CTI have tested the Evodrop system and were able to prove a limescale protection rate of over 94%. The filtration was verified by SGS, the largest test report in the world.

How good are descaling systems without salt?

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In summary, it can be said that until now, alternative systems to the usual salt system have unfortunately not worked satisfactorily.
Evodrop, however, takes a completely different approach, as it is the only alternative to salt systems that also demonstrably removes limescale from the water.

Which is better a decalcification system without salt or a softening system with salt?

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Basically, you have to understand that there are a wide variety of providers on the market and you cannot generalize this answer.
Unfortunately, most alternatives to salt systems are not very satisfactory, even though they have certain advantages for health and the environment, whereas salt has been proven to be harmful.
There are new solutions on the market, such as Evodrop, where thanks to the specially developed and patented malic acid complex, which in the form of granules in the filter cartridge, a limescale protection rate of up to 94.2% can be guaranteed without the use of salt, waste water or electricity. Unlike with seed crystals, swirlers or magnetizers, the limescale is not converted, but is instead eliminated from the water. The progress made by softening using malic acid makes it possible to leave the harmless minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in the water. Obsolete softening systems with salt, on the other hand, cannot intelligently differentiate between useful minerals and troublesome limescale and are forced to remove both.

Why does the water taste different after softening with salt?

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Because sodium is released into the water. In the ion exchange principle, the important minerals calcium and magnesium are exchanged with sodium ions.
As a result, the water can taste salty. The sodium content quickly reaches the legal upper limit in hard water. The chloride content remains the same.

Is salt released into the water in salt systems, ion exchangers, softening systems?

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Yes, that is why it is called softening. The softening process works through an ion exchange in which calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. This introduces sodium into the water, which can raise health concerns. An increased sodium content in the water can be problematic for people with certain health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. The use of salt in water softeners also has environmental implications. The salt and the chemical additives used to regenerate the resins end up in the waste water and can pollute the environment. The disposal of the exchange resin as hazardous waste also poses an environmental risk.

Is regenerated salt from salt plants dangerous for people or the environment?

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Although regenerated salt from salt plants is a natural product, it has to be chemically processed. Commercially available regenerated salt consists of at least 94 percent rock salt or table salt, i.e. sodium chloride (NaCl). However, it has no place on breakfast eggs - the salt is denatured, i.e. made inedible by the addition of additives. In addition to natural additives such as clay, calcium or magnesium sulphate, iron or potassium hexacyanoferrate is usually added to road salt as an anti-caking agent. It is a regenerating salt with the following warnings on the packaging:
- H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects
- P102 - Keep out of the reach of children:
- P315 - Get medical advice/attention immediately
- P101 - If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand
- P410 - Protect from sunlight
Not suitable for human or animal consumption.
Further manufacturer information on the regenerating salt

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